We are a company specialized in brain-environment interaction. We develop algorithms to interpret thoughts and materialize them in playful installations.
Our goal is to have as many people as possible understand the brain and research issues.

We try to capture and classify the imagination. The algorithm developed by mentalista allows us to analyze mental images from our visual cortex. These images are materialized by electrical impulses that will allow us to program an action on a connected object.
By materializing thought into objects, we allow people to have a perceptual feedback on their mental state, which is necessary to gradually learn to control and better understand his brain.
We use machine learning tools to extract models that predict the activation of a thought, from a considerable volume of brain activity.

We are based in Paris. You can email us at, like us on Facebook and Instagram, follow us on Twitter or watch our videos on youtube.

the mentalista team
From left to right : Bastien, Sylvie, Thu, Catherine and Romaric

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